Where to place crystals in your home – protect your personal space

Home Protection Crystals

Crystals are not only there to carry with you or place on the body, we can also place them in the home. They provide a form of protection, calming and loving energies, as well as the motivation to getting things done.

I highly recommend placing crystals in the corners of your rooms, either side of the public spaces in your home, and especially where people enter, including yourself. There are so many beneficial energies that crystals have to banish any negative energies, before they even enter your space.

Crystals for Protection

I keep Black Obsidian and Hematite right next to my front door, where people walk in and out. I have them both on opposite sides to each other, covering both corners of the entrance. These are highly protective stones and shield us against negative energies or any unwanted bad spirits that may pass through from time to time, (yes this can happen).

It’s important to realize though that not all spirits are bad, and most don’t stay around long enough to even notice them, but having the protective crystals in place will help eliminate any bad vibes from entering your home.

Crystals for Wealth, Success and Prosperity

Citrine and Carnelian are two of my favourite stones, I love their colour, shape and feel, and have carried them with me many times when I have felt I needed strength to get through the day. However I currently have them placed in my studio room, where all my creativeness takes place. Whether I am songwriting, writing my blog content or recording vocals, these stones boost my self-esteem, while giving me the motivation and strength I need to get things done, because lets face it, we all need some of that.

Carnelian is the beautiful shiny red stone, and as you can see it is very unique with its shape and texture. On one side it is round and smooth, and the other side includes some rough edges and lines. Citrine on the other hand is smaller, and can almost appear transparent, with its pretty pale yellow hues, and looks more crystalized in the middle.

Crystals for Calming, Healing & Self-Love

My favourite stones for calming, healing and loving energy in the home have to be Amethyst, Rose Quartz and Green Aventurine. I usually leave an Amethyst and rose quartz cluster in the living room, where I like to relax and unwind in the evenings, then in the bedroom I keep a small rose quartz and green Aventurine stone on the bed side table, which promote feelings of calmness and tranquility before I sleep. I can feel their loving gentle energy all around me, they really help ease any anxiety or feelings of self doubt as well.

Crystals for the Bathroom

I like the bathroom to feel calm and clear when I enter, and for this I use Clear Quartz and Lapis Lazuli. I have used Lapis Lazuli for so many things, including for when I had really bad migraines, I used to place it on my third eye chakra for relief.

It is such a powerful stone for inner peace and dispelling negative thoughts, known as the stone of wisdom and willpower.

I think that’s why I placed it in the bathroom, as that is a place where I have sat with my thoughts many times, including while looking in the mirror. Lapis gives me the ability to see the truth in any situation.

Clear Quartz is another great stone, known as the master healer.

I find just looking at it or meditating with it clears my mind, allowing me to stay more focused and able to make decisions. It is good for concentration and can enhance psychic abilities, while physically it boosts the immune system and brings the body into balance. I enjoy placing these two stones next to the bath while I relax and soak my stresses away, feeling their healing energies surrounding me.

You can also wear your desired stones in jewellery pieces, such as in a pendant or favourite ring, but you can also just carry them when you feel you need them, such as in the car, your pocket or your purse, there are so many ways to protect and support your energy while at home, or out and about.

Rose gold ring with Aquamarine stone

This ring is one that I customised myself when I purchased it. I chose the rose gold as the main material, with small pink tourmaline stones around the edge, and then the Aquamarine stone for the centre. I also chose the diamond shape for the middle. I love this ring as aquamarine is one of the calming stones I love as well as Amethyst, and it helps remind me to voice my own opinions and speak my truth.

Amethyst ring

This is probably my favourite ring to wear everyday. It is so calming and goes with everything, as well as giving off a subtle, unique beauty.

The amethyst stones are so beautiful, and give me a sense of tranquillity and peace whenever I wear them.

So there you have it, my go to crystals for protecting my personal space and my own energy!

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