How to cleanse your Crystals – Banish Bad Energies

When crystals are used frequently, whether placed on chakras, used for meditation, or while travelling, negative energies can pass through the crystals from other people to ourselves, which can leave us feeling drained or out of sorts. This can also happen if you perform crystal chakra healing on someone else, maybe a friend or a partner, and have not cleansed them afterwards – that energy can latch onto us which is not healthy.

There are many ways we can cleanse our crystals, and it is really important that we do this, so that we can keep using our crystals successfully time and time again.

Methods of cleansing your crystals


We can cleanse our crystals under running cold water, or place the crystals in a bowl of water and leave them over night, allowing the liquid to wash away any unwanted energies that may have been picked up.

I use this method most of the time and the crystals always appear less dull and showing their renewed shine once again.

Sun and Moonlight

We can charge our crystals overnight, and bring them in the next morning before 11am, so that your stones can bathe in the light of both the moon and the sun. They must not be left out in the sun for long periods, as this can damage the stones surface.

Try to place the crystals directly on the earth if you can, being sure to give them a rinse under cold water when you bring them in.


Sage sticks are very popular for smudging your stones and clearing them of harmful energies.

This can be done outdoors or inside, but be sure to keep a window open if you are inside, allowing the negative energies and vibrations to fully disperse.

The tip of the sage stick must be ignited, with caution of course, then you must transfer the stick to your non dominant hand, while moving your crystal through the smoke, allowing the stone to be completely enveloped for at least 30 seconds. Repeat this process with each crystal.

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