How to unblock our Chakras for overall health and happiness

When I turned to crystal healing for overall health and happiness, I found that placing crystals on each of my chakras and meditating on each area really helped keep them balanced.

Some people can see these energy centres, which look like brilliant balls of spinning rainbow light, as shown in the picture below.

There are seven main chakras in the body that line up along the central channel, also known as power centres. The human body thrives when our energy flows easily in these areas, allowing life force and harmony to take place.

By placing specific crystals on each energy centre on my body, and while breathing in and out calmly and deeply, lying down, I would close my eyes and let the crystals work their magic.

Its always important to have a clear and comfortable environment before you do this, free of distractions – Don’t forget to turn on some tranquil music.

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