Halloween is upon us

Make a witchy wish!

As we all know, it is the month of October and Halloween is fast approaching! I can’t help but feel as if this month is a mystical and magical one, with a sense of change and enchantment in the air.

What’s even more exciting is that on the eve of Halloween there will be a full moon, creating endless astrological energy which heightens our emotions, shaking up the world around us. It may feel intense as the sun and moon oppose each other – but all though these feelings can be unpleasant, the passing of the full moon will symbolise improved vision and the potential for endless opportunities, including new beginnings, allowing us to release bad habits that no longer serve us, and welcoming in all that is good.

I think I am a gypsy soul at heart, as I have always had an interest in the divine unknown, I have always believed there is more, and my journey to spirituality started with crystals! There is so much more than just hoping, we can actually pray for the things we want, and those things can come into fruition, if we believe in it.

Cast a spell under the full moon

Me being the spiritual lady that I am, I will be embracing my own inner moon goddess during this fall, and lighting a candle under the stars to manifest my hearts deepest darkest desires, while I bathe in the moon’s healing light.

I have always been very in tune with the moon phases, and I believe when one phase ends, another begins, and so life continues us on our journey. I don’t always even need to know which moon phase is present to be able to feel it, I just know it’s there.

You can use the moon’s energies to channel your inner thoughts and emotions, and ask the universe for what you want in order for your dreams to come true.

The moon will lead the way.

Try my mystical ritual on Hallows eve:

  • So first you must set your intention, make a list of all the things you want to release on the night of the full moon, all the things that no longer serve you.
  • Then when the moon is at it’s fullest and most visible, go outside into a quiet spot where you won’t be disturbed and sit for a few moments.
  • Take some of your favourite crystals with you, I like to use black obsidian, clearing away any negative energies, Citrine and Tiger’s eye for manifestation.
  • Surround your list with these stones and tune into them, and while thinking about all the things you would like to manifest, inhale a deep full breath, and burn your old list into the night sky.
  • Exhale deeply while your list burns away.
  • Watch the list disintegrate into nothing as you connect with your higher power.
  • Feel how amazing it is to release everything you’ve been holding onto, everything that’s been weighing you down.
  • Meditate in the moonlight, and watch your intentions come alive, feel these beautiful energies surrounding you as they manifest.
  • Feel the energy of the Universe working for you
  • Leave your crystals outside to bathe in the moonlight, then bring them in the following morning.

Show gratitude

Finally, once completing this ritual, show gratitude to the Universe and say thank you before you leave.

Your prayers will be answered, your wishes have been heard, so now you just have to have faith, that what you wish for, you will receive.

Let yourself bewitched!

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